Didacta è il servizio per la
formazione di NEOL srl
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Didacta.com is a sort of referential technological environment and it is an example of a wide range of educational supplies all qualified by the use of the network as an instrument of technological convergence. Didacta.com is constantly developing the skills in order to support the business and industrial facilities that want to use online technologies for their internal training and to achieve rapid and cutting-edge technology solutions for their educational projects.

Didacta.com is a service of Neol Srl. Since 2004, Neol srl is a spinn-off company, also shared by the University of Padua. Since 2005 the structure is UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 certified for the Class EA 33 - EA Information Technology and 37 - Education. Since 2006 it is included in the list of accredited/qualified organizations for the training of educational personnel in accordance with the Ministerial Directive No 90 of 01/12/2003.

The technology used by Didacta.com is the FirstClass Intranet Server by OpenText, a worldwide leader in communication and training network software.

Didacta.com is the online meeting point for:
- Students, professionals or anyone who want to attend training courses offered by our company;
- Teachers or experts who want to work with one of the most advanced and secure management of online courses developed by them;
- Companies, which through the development of training and support online paths, can reduce the costs of internal and external training and leading.